9/10/21 2:58 PM 3 min read

Top 5 best advertising campaigns of 2020

The world of philanthropy, charities and associations around the world have had to face one of the worst crises in their history: Covid-19. In response to this global instability, the philanthropic community mobilized quickly and massively.

Many creative agencies and non-profit organizations joined forces during the crisis. Agile, creative and supportive, they all got their message across to mobilize and raise awareness about the importance of philanthropy in today's society.

The donna editorial team presents its top 5 best philanthropic TV ads of 2020. Ads that brilliantly use the power of storytelling. Enjoy your viewing!

1. Le groupe Maurice




2. The media food drive


Tout le monde ensemble (Stronger together)


3. The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation


Long Live Little Brats Campaign


4. The Chaînon Foundation


Ça va bien aller (Everything will be all right)


5. Accueil Bonneau


Ces voix qu’on n’entend pas (Those voices we don't hear)