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5/27/22 10:46 AM 8 min read

5 steps to build your digital community

Building your digital community is an important step that requires time and patience. It starts with asking the right questions, having a clear vision and developing thoughtful strategies and content that take into account your target audiences, values and key messages.

Your digital community (the people who follow and interact with you on your social media and newsletter) reinforces the value and relevance of your brand. Thanks to your digital community, you can develop a more active and accessible communication and maximize user loyalty, thus improving your notoriety and the profitability of your communication efforts.

Our philanthropic marketing experts present different steps to include in your social strategy to effectively build a connected digital community.

Step 1: Develop an appropriate marketing strategy
Step 2: Determine your communication tone and voice
Step 3: Value your users
Step 4Be authentic and human
Step 5: Conduct competitive intelligence



Step 1

Develop an appropriate marketing strategy

The goal of a content marketing strategy focuses on building a strong relationship with users by providing them with meaningful, engaging, relevant content that appeals to your organization's targets. By creating blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, advertisements or any other digital material, you will have the opportunity to stimulate the interest of like-minded donors.

NNeedless to say, without thought and direction, your content will not have the same impact. Start asking yourself the right questions: what are you trying to accomplish through content creation?

  • Do you want to create a sense of community around your social mission?
  • Do you wish to position yourself among the top of mind of potential donors?
  • Are you looking to improve your brand awareness and philanthropic positioning?
  • Are you looking for new major donors or corporate partners?
  • Do you want to boost the visibility of your fundraising campaigns or increase the total amount of your annual donations?



All of these questions are essential, as they will guide your content plan, the goals to be achieved, the material to be produced to achieve them, the approach to be taken and the strategies to be developed

Remember that your content must meet the needs and interests of your digital community. So, consider offering varied content that informs them about your organization, your social impact, the activities you have put forward, your key partners, etc. You will then attract users who match your organization’s personality and acknowledge your value.

Last but not least: your organically shared content must absolutely be accompanied by paying content. Also knowing that reach has drastically decreased in the last few years, maximize your chances of visibility by promoting on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. Digital advertising allows you to be seen where you are not expected to be!


Step 2

Determine your communication tone and voice

First of all, be aware that your community is made up of individuals who share common values, opinions, goals and ideas. To successfully unite people with an interest in your brand, it' s important to choose an appropriate tone of voice, i.e. a verbal identity that communicates your real personality.

An original tone of voice humanizes your organization and allows your subscribers to connect with your content by speaking their language, for example. Your tone of voice also influences how your audience perceives you and acts as a differentiator from your competition.

Will you use a rather neutral, friendly or professional tone? Will humour or irony be part of your communications? Will you use a familiar or sophisticated vocabulary? What about your tone? Will it be oratorical or didactic? Will you use puns, enumerations or amusing comparisons?

Finding the right tone of voice is a gradual and evolving process that will establish your community management. And once you find it, don't forget to use it everywhere: on your website, social media, brochures and in all your internal and external communications!


Step 3

Value your users

You also need to show your community that you value them. To strengthen your relationship, respond to comments under each of your posts to show your audience that you care about their views and want to interact with them. If your content generates a lot of interaction, it may not be possible to respond to every comment. In this case, focus on people who have questions or are requesting specific information. Remember: social media is an extension of your customer service department. It' s important to guide the conversation and provide the right support.

Another way to value your followers is to react to shares, respond to notifications and messages from your Messenger, and re-share content in which you are identified (user generated content).

Important fact: 21% of donors are more likely to engage with an organization that is accessible via social media. That's why weekly community management positively impacts your donor relationship, ensures relevant feedback and allows you to have real conversations by providing value beyond a donation, service or product.




Step 4

Be authentic and human

As social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, the finger has been pointed at perfectly smooth content for the past few years. So don't try to be perfect! As we mentioned before, users want to interact with brands they can relate to. So be authentic, transparent and promote the most real and accessible content in order to reach a larger population and generate more engagement.

The goal of this authentic and human positioning will allow you to get closer to your community. They will identify with you and will be more likely to adhere to your message. Dare to be a source of inspiration!


Step 5

Conduct competitive intelligence

Trends on social media change from week to week. What was a trend yesterday may not be a trend in a few days. That's why it's important to keep an eye on trends, as well as on your competition.

A daily monitoring also allows you to know what is being said about you! By searching for keywords, hashtags or various terms directly related to your social mission you will be able to take the pulse of the feelings towards your brand.

You'll also be able to stay ahead of the curve, stay relevant, stay on top of what your community is looking for (yes, it will evolve over time), and get a front row seat to the news in your field.


Your digital community is like building a house. It takes perseverance, time and patience. However, there' s always more ways to go. Philanthropic marketing experts are at your fingertips to guide your content marketing plan and community management. Talk to one of our experts to learn more about our services and digital guidance.



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